I had my first infusion of Sandoglobulin IV on 12th March 2008. It is basically immunoglobulins (infection fighting cells) taken from about 20,000 blood donations, its taken from the plasma part of the blood, its heat treated to remove viruses and then feeze dried. At the Macmillan cancer unit it is then mixed with a saline solution and then given to me by intravenous drip. The treatment went very well and the only side effect was fatigue for 2 days. I have to have the treatment each month for six months, my next one is on 9th April 2008. This treatment is a measure to attempt to keep my infections under control, it will not help my Smouldering Myeloma. It is not known whether this treatment will work for me so it is just a trial for 6 months, if it is not effective they will stop it.

I have had an MRI of my spine and I have had a skeletal survey of my whole sleleton by x-ray, I wont get the results until 9th April. These tests are done to monitor my bones as myeloma can cause them to lose density and can cause holes/lesions to form in the bones making them fragile.

My symptoms are still the same achy legs, hips and feet and hot sweats but no new ones have developed so that is good news. Mentally I am coping exremely well and I am doing just fine.