Hi Folks,

I have had a relaxing day today, I have done hardly anything. I woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather, so I visited the doctor and it turns out I have an ear infection. My face and area around my jaw and ear has been giving me pain for days and I finally gave in and went to the doc’s, my ear is very red inside so its infected and I am on antibiotics yet again. This is the 5th lot of antibiotics in 3 months which I have had to take due to infections, never mind as long as they fight the infection and I feel well again, thats what’s important. I’m sure in a few days they will kick in and I will be back to my old self again I have decided I am definately going to ask for a second opinion when I go to the hospital on the 28th Feb, no matter what my results are.

I have to go out tomorrow, I have run out of a few of my health supplements so I have to visit the health store. I also have to buy presents for my Grandsons 4th birthday on Sunday. My Husband has to go to have an eye exam, he has failed two field of vision tests and they have requested he have a third test, so hes having that done tomorrow, I sure hope he’s ok.